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Icecream for Dinner

Nothing too much going on today, so I’ll keep it brief. Most productive thing I did today was wash the dishes from last night and the night before. Well, I guess finishing my study-guide for my Crime and Punishment in Ancient China final tomorrow was pretty productive, but it didn’t feel productive. It took me literally all day, off and on, to get everything done, and that’s WITH half the terms already defined for me from the midterm. I felt terribly lazy.

Around 5, Andy came over and we walked down the “secret Freedom path” to Stuyvesant Plaza to get Coldstone. Mmm. Coffee Lovers. Very tasty. Then we strolled back. The day was just perfect, really. They say it never got past 72 degrees, but it was sweltering earlier. By the time we walked back, though, it was that perfect balmy temperature. The breeze was very benign and warm. Perfect. Later, after a little mindless TV, we strolled down to campus and walked to the garden by the Bio building. It’s really a lovely, quiet spot. Sometimes you can see rabbits there, though how they got on the Podium in the first place, I have no idea. It was very dark by that time, around 9:30, so there weren’t many people around. We laid on the grass in the middle of the garden where we could watch the trees (many of which were full of pink blossoms), and just relaxed, enjoying the quiet escape. Thought some deep thoughts. It made me feel… I don’t know exactly. I want to use the word “complete” but it needs more of a sense of oneness with the calm of nature, the perpetual, steady motion of life. It was soothing.

Then we strolled back, he dropped me off and I came upstairs, chatted briefly with my roommate and her boyfriend (it’s his birthday tomorrow), and then called my mum to catch her up on yesterday and today. Tomorrow morning, I’ve got my first final. Haven’t studied half as hard as I probably should, but that’s just the way of it, I suppose. I had a hard enough time conjuring up enough motivation to get any studying done at all. Need to write my internship paper tomorrow, too. Lovely. It shouldn’t be too bad, provided I can sit myself down and just dig in.

Writing Stuff:

+ 2,500 words to complete Chapter One of Dark Matter. It was a nice long writing session, and I’m generally pleased with the results. It’ll do as a first chapter. On to Chapter Two. ^_^

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