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The Bloomsday Book

I am definitely hitting that wall of not caring about school anymore. I’m so ready to be done and out of here, I can barely stand it. And yet there’s still so much work to do! Not as much as there was last weekend, but still plenty. Today I turned in my portfolio and my internship paper (that class is done!). Hopefully I did the assignment right, because apparently I didn’t do the Interview Assignment correctly (not sure what I could have done differently, but I still got an A, so I’m not concerned about it). I also mailed the two Mother’s Day cards Andy and I got for our moms; my mom’s also contains scratch tickets for her birthday, which is the day after Mother’s day, so it’s more like a two-for-one thing.

Since then I have been failing to finish my Ulysses essay. I can’t be too hard on myself though, because it’s not due until Monday, and I did plan it out, and I did write four pages of it. I’m calling that a rough draft. I figure I’ll go back over it on Sunday sometime and fill it in and smooth it out. It always seems like whenever I sit down and write a paper, right off the bat, I end up with a lot of logic holes that need to be patched up and smoothed out, so hopefully that will ease me into the proper 6-8 pages I need for it. I’m not too worried.

But Sunday is also my uber-cram day for my Civil Rights Exam on Monday. This is the class that seriously kicks my butt. I’m doing fine grade-wise, but it takes so much work and so much time! I’m not looking forward to studying for this test, but he gave us specific page numbers to go over in one of our books. While that’s really generous of him (he wasn’t going to tell us anything that was on it), and I do mean that–I’m not being sarcastic, he still refused to tell us what the format of the test would be. This is very frustrating. He did mention it wouldn’t be like the last test, but the last test involved every single imaginable testing style: we had multiple choice, T/F, paragraph answer, and there may have been an essay, too. So what does that leave, if he’s not going to format it like that? He did say he liked having both the multiple-choice and the essay because some people did better on one than the other, and vice versa. Sigh. Who knows? Could be anything. So I’m just going to have to study like mad and hope I come out in one piece.

Meanwhile, I need to edit (again) my commencement speech. It is apparently too vague, and they want something more along the lines of a personal anecdote. I’m not sure if I mentioned this before in an earlier entry, but oh well if I did. I’ll probably edit it a little tomorrow, though to be perfectly honest, I’m really not keen on getting up in front of random people and talking about myself. I just don’t find myself all that interesting. I mean, I’m okay, but I’m no more interesting than the next kid. I haven’t traveled through Southeast Asia on my own while lying to my parents that I was at an out of state school; now THAT’S exciting.

Writing Stuff:

Decided I’m going to try the Mount St. Helens approach to writing. Should be interesting, if a little messy.

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