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Another One Bites the Dust

Finished at last my Civil Rights class. I’m really glad I took it, because I know I learned SO much during the course of this semester, but wow. It was a hard class. At least, I thought it was. Granted, this could be because I always went to it (it’s a 3 hour class) directly after working my 9-5 workday, but still. It was tougher than any of my other classes.

But that means I only have one more final to go before I’m DONE! Done, done, not just done for this semester done. So close!

I’ve just been hanging out on my own a lot the last couple days, because Andy’s at home spending time with his dad. It’s been good, though, because other than Andy, I haven’t really wanted to spend time with anyone. Very antisocial at the moment, which I blame on stress. Whenever I get stressed, I kick into my full-blown introvert-ism and just need to get away from people to recuperate. Unfortunately, it’s hard to do this in a dorm-environment (not anyone’s fault–it’s just the setup), particularly in Albany which has no where interesting to go, and it’s especially hard during finals, when I should be studying. Can’t wait to graduate, though. When all these exams are out of the way, I’ll definitely be feeling better. Still have to edit my speech, though… blah. I’ll do it tomorrow. Or Wednesday after my last exam. :-\

Writing Stuff:

Subbed “Ten-Day” to the next place on the list. Here’s hoping!

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