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They say Keeping Busy…

There are about a million and one things to do in the next few days, weeks, and months culminating with the cross-country drive out to Portland, Oregon. You know, when I used to play “Oregon Trail” I didn’t think I’d be *actually* heading west. Anyway, that means a lot of things need to be done before then. Here’s the growing list:

1. Get Married –Since Andy and I are eloping, this could happen anytime before July.

2. Honeymoon in Switzerland–This will be over the first two weeks in July, hence the aforementioned “before July” clause above.

3. Get a Job–I just finished sending two applications in for jobs out in the Portland Area, but who knows if any of them would be willing to wait until August for me to start. I’d also like a job that can actually support two people in a one-bedroom place, if possible. Benefits would be a huge plus, but we might be able to get some kind of health coverage through Andy’s school.

4. Double-check Financial Aid–We need to make sure the financing goes through at WSCC, otherwise that will make life very complicated for a while.

5. Find a Car–Andy’s Volvo bit the dust. We need a new, preferably very cheap, car to get us out to Oregon.

6. Pack Up–With much moving comes great responsibility. We need to sift through all our stuff and figure out what is a “must have”, a “like to have”, and a “well, I guess we can leave it here for now” item. This also includes helping Andy’s family pack up, as his mom and twin brothers will be moving down to Texas at the end of the school year.

7. Smaller Tidbits–This includes getting my hair done (next Wednesday), getting a black dress for tomorrow, collecting all the recipes I want and putting them on index cards, getting index cards, getting thank-you notes for wedding gifts, renting a trailer for the trip to Oregon, having the family/friends post-honeymoon get-together, BBQ on the 25th, having Maryann out to visit!! YAY!!, getting a planner (so I can keep track of all this stuff), and hopefully keeping up on writing. I did manage to write a somewhat crappy short story last week, but I’m counting it, because I only need 4 brand new (not necessarily edited) stories. I’ve got another one on the mind, but I haven’t been able to get myself seated long enough to put it down. It’s time to scramble, and I just don’t have any energy. Bah.

8. I don’t know how many people actually read this who will be in the area, but Steve Slater’s funeral will be tomorrow at Grace Lutheran Church (the triangle church across from Roby Park) at 5 pm. Figured I’d mention it, in case anyone missed the announcement in the newspaper.

*Le Sigh.*

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