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Looking for an Audience

So the last week or so has been pretty chaotic. I won’t try to recap here, because I’m still pretty dazed. So moving on!

Got the wedding bands back from the jeweler’s today (hooray!) and they fit! Or at least, MINE fits–Andy hasn’t tried his on yet, but hopefully it’ll be all right. Also picked up a new anthology of SF, which I plan to look through. I’ve been trying to get on a “Best Of” anthology binge recently–I figure, I might as well read the best I can get my hands on, right? Can’t hurt, can it?

Also, in association with this entry’s title, I’m looking for a temp audience for the “novel” project I’m starting on this summer. “Starting” is perhaps a debatable word, since this project has been the black hole of those never-ending projects; I just want to make sure that at some point, I get a rough draft done. SO! I’m looking for people who would be open to being chapter readers. Now, “chapter readers” is actually debatable, too, since I don’t actually care if you read it (sure I’d love an encouraging note if you can muster it), I just need to THINK people are reading it. That keeps me from trying to go back and change everything once I’ve worked it into a chapter. SO if you think you can stomach a chapter of space opera by an extremely amateur writer appearing in your email inbox every so often, this might be just the task for you! Plus, it’d help me out a bunch. You don’t have to comment or critique–actually for this version, I’d prefer all critiques and corrections (of which there will need to be MANY–it’s a rough draft, so it’ll be really unpolished) be saved for the very end, when I’ve finished the last chapter and sent it out. I’m looking at it being about 20 chapters long, and each chapter will be about 3,000-5,000 words each (6-10 single spaced pages; 12-20 double spaced).

If you think you’d like to give this a try (it’s new for me, too!), just send me an email ( and let me know. Hey, if it ever gets published (don’t hold your breath) I’ll put your name on the “Special Thanks” page. ^_-

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