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Work-y, work! Busy bee!

So it’s been so wild and busy the last few days I don’t even know where to start. I’ll be posting another “sneak peek” later this week, but for now, I’ll just try to capture the important stuff that happened over the last few days.


Family came up for the Taylor Clan post-wedding bash! It was a ton of fun, with car “decorating”, evil sodipop (a.k.a. Wine Coolers), The Newlywed Game (which we lost, horribly), famous couples, cake (provided by my sis), and pie (key-lime, yum!), and gifts! Hooray! Can’t do much better than that! Pictures from the trip were shown, and it was a smashing time.


Attended the Writer’s Club pot-luck dinner at Mrs. Lankin’s house! Hooray for yummy food! We ate, we talked, we laughed, and we pet the adorable kitties, which Andy liked very much. OH! and there were sombreros. A party just isn’t complete without sombreros.


First, we saw The Dark Knight, which was a load of diesel-powered fun on a bun! I <3 Two-Face. He was always one of my favorite villains. And the Joker was awesome; different, but awesome. Half-wish they’d figured out a Harlequin character, but who knows what the next movie will bring, eh?

Then we dropped off film to get developed, and got the car washed (because it still had paint remnants on it from Saturday). Picked up Hot Fuzz from Newbury Comics, then went to hang out in the mall (got black heels, which I’ve been needing for a while, for $5! CRAZY!) Actually, we mainly used our gift cards, and so none of the minor shopping at the mall actually cost us (as in, from our bank) anything!

Went to dinner with Andy’s church band, Crossfire, at Olive Garden. There was much eating of breadsticks, good conversation, and a lot of laughs. Hooray!

Went back to get the film, only to learn that “somehow” the film in one of the canisters had gotten crumpled and therefore jammed their machine–long story short, we got one roll’s worth of prints and the three other canisters, though developed, with no prints. Lovely!


Actually got some writing done! HOORAY! I started working on the Summary Draft of the novel project in the hopes of actually having fun plotting, and the ability to change and rearrange events at will without all the drama of changing or deleting written scenes. I also got 3 (count ’em! THREE) Critters reviews done, which is excellent. I think I only need two now to make sure my manuscript can go through the queue on time.

Then we decided to get out of the house and go canoeing! At first, we were heading for Rocky Pond, but our attachment job on fixing the canoe to the jeep (which as a sports utility vehicle, you’d assume would actually be accommodating of that sort of thing–which it isn’t) was so rickety, we ended up just going to the Nissitissit River right down the road. The water was a lot higher than it was the last time we went canoeing there (thankfully–hauling a canoe across sand and rocks is no fun), which meant that we had no trouble clearing the rocks. The current was really strong, which made going down very easy, but made coming back up a real battle. There are also a lot of trees and branches hanging low over the water, and I think we managed to hit every single one, both ways. Also, there are spiders, and I hate spiders.

Otherwise it was a lot of fun, though exhausting.

Also watched Air Jaws II on Discovery Channel, and sharks are cool.


Applied for an unpaid but lucrative submissions editing job this morning, then got a money-order to pay the deposit on our new apartment in Portland (yay! We have a roof!), and picked up War of the Worlds/Time Machine audio book, so while I’m working on other projects, I can still be catching up on all the SF classics I need to read.

Also discovered that I’m sick with a cold. Lovely. Napped, then lazed around the house chugging water. Doing a little better now; we’ll see how it goes.

So that’s about it for today’s update. Be on the look-out for a new “sneak peek” episode from the Switzerland trip!

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