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It’s August!

So not too much going on, really, but I figured it was time to update. Had a horrible cold for a few days, got over it. I’m still in the running, it appears, for that small, unpaid but lucrative editing position, so I’ll keep you informed on that. ^_^

Started my research on the planet Jupiter this last week (hooray!) as the first part of my multi-planet study of our solar system in the hopes of enhancing my science knowledge in those areas. So if you learn of an interesting little Jupiter tidbit, let me know! As a bonus, Andy and I went outside last night with the binoculars and actually got to see the planet and THREE of its MOONS! It was so cool! I’ll be studying Jupiter for a while–as in depth as I can get–so I’ll let you know when I switch planets.

Also finally figured out a big issue that has been plaguing me with the novel writing. Now that I have a little better idea of the setting, I’m hoping to hammer out a summary draft of all three books. Also in the writing department, I’ve edited the ending of “Earthbound”, my current fantasy short-story project, and read through “Mimicry”, the up-coming clockpunk/fantasy short-story project. The first is just about ready to go out, though I’m debating whether or not to send it first to the Writer’s of the Future contest. It’s not as classically fantasy (more fantastical, really), but it conforms to Arthur C. Clarke’s definition of the genre, so it might be all right. Needs another edit, now that the ending has been de-cheese-ified, but maybe not too much more than that. “Mimicry,” my first serious attempt at clockpunk-esque fantasy, needs less work than I thought it needed, but it definitely needs some word-cutting and plot polishing, plus a little tweaking of the ending. Plenty of work, but it doesn’t need the almost full-rewrite I thought it might need.

Need to do a critters today, too… hmmm….

Other than that, I’ve been watching the Olympics (boy, doesn’t it just make you feel lazy, watching these 15 year olds winning medals? It’s motivating!), and hanging out with the fam. I’ve got exactly seven days from today until Andy and I start driving out to Portland! I gotta say, I’m a little nervous–it’s a big change–but at the same time, I’m really excited. It will be nice when our apartment actually has FURNITURE in it, but we’ll be all right until then. We’ve got an air mattress. XD! And then it’s the job-hunt. Ugh. Hopefully I’ll find something before long!

And that’s about it for now! Swiss-Log update coming soon! ^_^

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