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Comeback Juice

Another busy and yet seemingly unbusy day! Don’t you just love those? By busy, I mean I’ve been working away at the marketing for Brandy Schwan’s upcoming release of CATACOMBS AND PHOTOGRAPHS, which has been a ton of fun. Besides that, my usual editor’s stuff. So I’ve been doing something all day, but I’ve been at the kitchen table in the barely furnished apartment which makes me feel like I’ve done nothing.

Andy’s got a possible lead on a bass cab, so he’s going to look into that (it’d be great if he could get one, because then he can find some people to play with). He’s just so talented at bass, it seems a shame to coop that all up here in the apartment. Plus, a little bit of tender from little things here and there is always a neat concept. lol Oh, gotta love us artistic pursuits types. ^_^

I applied for another job today. Man, nothing like trying to describe why you’re useful to drain a person’s ambition. I hate feeling like I’m under a microscope, but that’s the way the business world works. And having income is nice, so I’ll keep applying.

Oh! We finally dug out our DVD collection, and I did yoga this morning. Yay for being out of shape and stiff!

Also: Halo 2 is awesome, even if it’s old, and kicking Andy’s butt from time to time without him taking a handicap is really fun. ^_^

Writing Stuff

Started getting back the critiques on “Alien Spawn.” Some positive, some negative. Mainly, I think it’s just a very odd hybrid of genres that readers may just not know what to do with–which I suspected might be the case. I should probably stick to fantasy for at least a little while, here.

In the process of final edit and prepping “Earthbound” for submission. Probably won’t take anything at the first place, or realistically at any place, but I figure I might as well give it a shot. If nothing less, I know it’s solidly written and reads well. Perfect? Absolutely not. But it’s probably one of my more polished/professional-sounding stories. We’ll just have to wait and see. Hoping I can get that out in the mail tomorrow, and now that we’ve got a printer, that might actually be concievable! ^_^

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