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It’s been a somewhat dull day today. Everything is pretty much closed, and most people are out-of-contact due to it being Labor Day Weekend and all. In somewhat of a blah mood, probably from feeling unproductive. I did get some more stuff done for Brandy’s book, but I doubt I’ll hear much response back this weekend. Same with applying for jobs–everyone’s out of the office. Ah well.

Pizza went well last night, so that was a plus. Took a little creativity to figure out how to unstick it from the cutting board, but once I got all the corn meal under the crust, it worked out all right. Watched Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. Once you work through the thick British accents, it’s a fabulous film, and I always seem to forget how much I enjoy it.

Em’s in SoCal now, and her classes start Tuesday! Wow, I feel old. Brings back memories of going to school in Honolulu, though. Those were very good times, despite the flights, which I don’t envy anyone.

Also, it’s somewhat cold here today. Cold and rainy. I have socks on for the first time, plus a long sleeve shirt and a sweatshirt. Oh, and a fleece blanket. ^_^

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Bah. I’ll leave this area blank, or I’ll make myself depressed. >.O

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