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And- And- And- And-

We hung out with Kaku last night! Yay! I made Orange Chicken for dinner, and then after eating, we watched the first half of Hot Fuzz. I say the first half, because apparently in the move the DVD became horribly, irreversibly scratched, rendering the film unwatchable. ;_; I was very sad. SO, Andy and I will have to get another copy soon. But we had ice cream and chatted, and it was a fun evening all the same. ^_^

Today I’ve pretty much been on Apex stuff. When not marketing for Brandy, I’ve been catching up on my submissions list.

Other than that, Andy fixed up the auto insurance so it’s now up-to-date, and I caught up on home-town gossip from my mother, which was lovely. It’s always a little bizarre to hear what old high school friends/acquaintances are doing, now that most of us have graduated.

Right now, I’m eating ice cream, and no, you can’t have any.

…well, maybe a little. ^_^

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