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Another day, another dol- oh, wait…

Yup, still looking for that job I was talking about! ^_^ Ah well. I’m still not used to the process yet. Hopefully over time, I’ll be less bummed about it. On the plus side, did get a bunch of stuff worked on for Apex, so that was good.

I realized yesterday that I didn’t mention our hangout with Kaku on Friday night! Let me remedy that. We all got together about 4:30 and headed into downtown Portland to hit up a happy-hour at a place he was familiar with. It was the neatest place! It’s called Pinocchio’s and it has an old Italian puppet theme, which is really charming. Plus, the mixed drinks are just unbelievably good. I had the Lime Tree, which was amazing. After that, we toodled over to a Mexican food place (highly recommended), which I’ve unfortunately forgotten the name of. :-\ I had the Chimichanga, which was probably as big and as heavy as my head, but darn if it didn’t taste marvelous! I only managed about half of it, so we took the rest home (and I continued the Jamison family tradition of ruining leftovers by forgetting to put it in the fridge). After dinner, we headed over to a few other locales that Kaku wanted to show us–one place was super busy because they were hosting a music thing there, and the other was a little shop next door which had tons of amazing art things and figurines and nifty stuff. ^_^ I had much fun looking around.

Then we decided to head back to our place to finish off the pomegranate drink mix we’d bought for the LAST time we hung out but didn’t drink, and to watch the first disk of Dexter (serial killer hunting serial killers–much fun!). Surprisingly didn’t get too shnockered, despite the shot of vodka (hey-I’m a lightweight, okay?), but we figured it’d be better if Kaku slept over, just to be on the safe side. Poor guy had to put up with our air-mattress, a pillow, and two fleece blankets, which is all we had in terms of guest bedding.

In the morning, he headed out and now he’s in Europe (lucky guy!).

So that was our Friday night! How do you like that? ^_^ Now it’s been recapped, so I don’t feel like I’m missing anything.

Last night, we watched the next two episodes of Dexter (still disk one), and I think it’s probably more relaxing to watch it when slightly tipsy. Then the blood and body-parts don’t seem so… well… gruesome. We have to wait until Kaku gets back from his European tour before watching the next disk, though, which is going to be tough, since it left us on a cliff-hanger! Ah well, we’ll make due. Besides, The Office comes back in a week or two! YAY! ^_^

Writing Stuff

Still getting those bipolar reviews of “Alien Spawn.” Still no idea what I’m going to do with that story.

Did get a little writing done today, which mostly led me to the realization that my first, super-tight scene might be a little too tight and a little too early, which detracts from the main focus of the story. So I went back and rewrote the first scene again, or part of it, with a completely different feel to see if it works better. Still not sure that it does. The voice is eluding me on this one.

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