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I don’t think today started out as a blah day, but I’ve got a headache now and I’ve applied to more jobs, so- yeah, it’s a blah day now.

At least I got to try out my nifty time schedule (which is supposed to help me stay on track, at least until I get a full-time job). This includes time for Apex work, talkin’ to me mum, writing, language study, job-finding, and dinner/Andy Time. Andy actually gets time all throughout the day, but this later block is reserved for hanging out with him, watching TV, eating, and just relaxing after a hard day’s work. ^_^

Did get a bunch of Apex work done, which was good! Played around with *gasp* more gear design. I’m having a blast with it. That, and I caught up on submissions, which was also good. Didn’t get to language study, because I couldn’t find my Chinese stuff. Grr. Very frustrating. But that did mean I got to move straight on to writing (more on that below). After a nice hour and a half (of actual writing!) I moved on to the job search. Found one very much in my line of interest, so I sent out my resume. Here’s hoping!

Writing Stuff

Critters week (two, actually) has been a bit brutal. It’s mostly bipolar, actually, because some people love it and some hate it. But I guess that’s the way it goes for the the story I have up. It was somewhat of a bizarre experiment, so for those who like my other stuff (particularly fantasy), it’s way out of left field. It’s definitely a very different kind of story for me–mostly, I wrote it because I couldn’t get it out of my head. Now it’s out, so I can move on now. ^_^

But today’s writing session-! Now that was beautiful. I haven’t had words pour out like that in ages. Granted, it’s still a very rough draft, so it’s far from perfect, but for a zero-draft, it’s not horrible. I got all the information in that I wanted, and only went 200 words over my estimate for the section. Hooray! ^_^ So looking forward to working on that tomorrow.

And that’s about it. Dinner’s ready, so I’m going to go eat. Maybe the blah will fade once I’ve got food in my stomach. ^_^

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