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A Series of Ordinary Events

So the week has been pretty quiet, hence no new posts. Kaku got back from Europe last weekend, so we’ve all been hanging out, haloing it, and catching up on Dexter. I must say, Dexter is a bizarrely fun show. It’s got just enough creep, from the main character himself!, to keep me highly entertained. At any rate, I’ve been having a blast with it. The sister is annoying, but that’s probably my only complaint at this point. It’s highly addictive.

We’ve also been cruising through Desperate Housewives Season 2, which I *love*! I must say, the plotting, characters–it’s all like heroin to me. Rarely does a TV show make me so crazy to watch more. Which is why Netflix is wonderful! No commercials, no waiting at season finales (if you’ve ordered the next season in advance)–it’s lovely. We’re also making our way through Home Improvement Season 2, which is just light and fun. ^_^

On Saturday, for pizza night, we watched I Am Legend. It was actually a lot better than I thought it would be. Sure the ending struck me as a little weak, and I definitely think some of the issues (such as the humanity status of the monsters) could have been more developed, but overall it was a pleasurable watch. Perfect? No. Fun? Yes, actually, which somewhat surprised me. I’d like to read the novella and see how the original story went. All in all, though, I’m glad we watched it. Solid three stars, maybe even three and a half.

Watched the debates, but I’m so sick of politics by this point, I won’t even comment. It didn’t change my vote so far, let’s just say that. After the debates, we got our political frustrations out with a game of political halo, which resulted in a wild battle between Hillary, McCain, and Barak. It was *crazy*! Then we watched Futurama. ^_^

Did some cleaning this week so far. Yesterday, we cleaned up the kitchen which had gotten pretty messy and then tidied up the dining room. Swiffer’d the floors (yay!) which was much needed. Today, I washed the towels and washcloths in the bathtub; now it’s just a matter of them drying.

Other than that, the weekend was quiet–Apex was at a con, so radio contact was limited. Took the time to catch up on my Zelda playing (2x through Windwaker, which is hands-down the best Zelda). Finished the interview with the amazing Brandy Schwan today, which was the first productive thing I’ve done this weekend! Hooray! Thank you for helping me out Brandy! ^_^

So that’s about it for here. Oh! Got our driver’s licenses in the mail at last, so now we can get rid of our temporary ones. ^_^ Yesterday, with our “New Moon” money, we were at the local Walmart getting a few things (the Swiffer included), and we decided to pick up some Full Sail (local Portland beer–very nice). But we didn’t have our licenses! I happened to have a laminated, certified copy of my birth certificate with me at the time, so that worked, but it was funny. Just nuts! It’s nice to have the ID back.

Feeling a cold coming on. Scratchy throat off and on/nose clogged in the back/all that good stuff. Still have most of my energy, but I suspect that when Andy goes back to school on Thursday, the cold’s going to hit home. Bah. I hope it holds off until after my birthday (also Thursday). :-\

Writing Stuff:

Got the rejection back on “Mechanical Difficulties.” I’m not really that surprised, but ah well. At least the story is old enough that it doesn’t quite feel like a punch in the stomach anymore. I just don’t have anywhere else to send this story. *le sigh*

Edited “Mimicry” to make the third draft. Should be going out to my next cold reader soon (heads up Tim!).

Sketched a map for the current new “short” fiction project, which is probably shaping up to be a novelette in length. Man, I need to work on creating shorter stories. I just love novelette-length fiction so much! XD! Ah well, to be worked on, I suppose.

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