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It’s a service I don’t normally offer.

So it’s Saturday at last! Had Dirt Cake for breakfast, and then Kaku came over after 12 so we could all finish up the first season of Dexter! YAY! That show is really fabulous. I’ve been enjoying myself emmensely. ^_^ Then we all ate lunch, drooled over his iPod Touch, played a round of Halo 2, and then he headed out.

Tonight’s pizza night, but since we made lunch late today, I’ll probably wait until five or five-thirty to mix up the dough. Until then, maybe I’ll play Windwaker… Mmm… Windwaker… ^_^ And have some tea! Ooo! ^_^

Ordered my birthday books yesterday! *SQUEE!!!* Finally got that massive tome of a textbook all centered and focused around Jupiter. *droooooool* Also picked up a John Christopher book which I’d been eying, along with a few other books. Tomorrow morning, Andy and I are going to Ikea to get the bookshelf. Oooo, now I want to see if Amazon has any of the books shipped out yet…

Also, don’t know if you’d noticed, I’ve started categorizing my entries beyond just “journal”. Now, off to the right, you should see a Categories/Subject list which will take you to all the entries on the related subject. I’ve only gotten through August’s entries, so maybe later I’ll sift through a few of the others.

Writing Related

Had a hard time shutting off the plotter in my head last night. The stuff I wrote for practice yesterday may just turn into my latest fresh tale. WOAH. Who’da thunk it?

Oh, and it’s going to be called a salt witch. Or a brine geist. Or a sea geist. Hmmm…. Still having fun with it. ^_^

1 thought on “It’s a service I don’t normally offer.”

  1. I loooove Dexter. I got Alex seasons 1 and 2 for Christmas/his birthday.
    The best scene is in season 2. It has an armadillo. You will know exactly what I’m talking about when you see it.

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