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ANTM & PR: Reality TV is all consuming.

And yet, despite today’s entry title, I actually got most of my To Do list completed! Wooo for being productive! ^_^ I did my Apex stuff (submissions, interview requests, promo research), and then I moved on to the day’s regular tasks. These included the ever-fun bill paying, general tidying of our apartment (which can get pretty cluttered, pretty fast), dishes, and some laundry.

When Andy got back (Andy was at school from 7.30 to 12.40, but that’s all he had for today, so yay! ^_^), he ate lunch with me, and then he went back to the school to get the scalpel blades he needed, along with depositing the loan check and my birthday checks in the bank (yay for money!). While he was out doing that stuff, I finished the dishes/laundry I was in the middle of, and also got my day’s writing done (see below). Then we both ran to Walmart to get him a change of clothes (apparently, cadavar dissection makes anything you wear smell awful, and no amount of washing will get the smell out–in FACT, they tell you not to wash your dissection clothes because the smell will get in your washing machine, and then ALL your clothes will smell bad. EWWW!), and a couple other necessities we needed (like a cheap replacement mini-vacuum, because our little one that I’ve had for the last two years at college is falling apart). Picked up some BK for dinner and then came home.

And some good news! Andy sold his Acme cab. It’s a little sad to see it go, because it’s a great cab, but it seems like it’s going to a really good home. I know someday Andy would like to get another, larger version.

Now, I’m updating the blaag (duh, obviously), and watching the latest episode of Project Runway up on YouTube. I love these creative competition shows. They make me want to write collections of stories. ^_^

Ooo! See what Micha​el Laimo and Keala​n Patri​ck Burke have to say about​ CATAC​OMBS AND PHOTO​GRAPH​S on Brandy’s MySpace here!

Writing Stuff

Surpassed my 500 word requirement today by another 500! Hooray for exceeding expectations! Still working on the same story as the last few entries–still don’t know what I’ll even tentatively call it. Titles are fun, but I wish I were better at creating them.

The story itself is moving along, but it’s going to be long, which isn’t surprising. Whenever I’m not guarding myself against it, I tend to write novelette-length stories, rather than shorter ones. But since I’m not worrying about its marketability for right now, I’m not going to stress about it. I’m having fun exploring the world and the conflict, and we’ll just see where it goes from there.

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