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Prioritizing is a lovely thing.

Did a bunch of Apex stuff today, not the least of which is finally posting some FREE PDF versions of “Lizzie’s Pears” and “Nothing to Gein”, two of the poems from Brandy Schwan’s upcoming CATACOMBS AND PHOTOGRAPHS poetry chapbook. They’re both fantastic poems, and they’re also two of the ones Brandy and I discussed in our interview.

I’m also gathering delightful goodies for our Apex Raffle. It’s turning out to be a really awesome list of booty, so make sure to keep your eyes open at www.apexbookcompany.com for details on entering to win. I’m excited just *thinking* about all the cool stuff we’re going to have raffled off! XD!

Andy’s been hitting the books all day today (with minor distractions), but later we’re heading out to do some running around and general food-eating/job-getting-celebrating with Kaku! YAY! Plus, I’m guessing there will be Dexter. Because seriously, can the three of us ever get together *without* eventually succumbing to our addiction? No. It’s impossible. And that’s the way it’s going to stay!

Writing Stuff

Not quite as productive today as I have been the last few days, but met my 500 goal at least. Need to keep reminding myself that this is the rough-rough draft, and it will be completely reworked before I let anyone read it even as a rough draft. The bones. I’m going for the skeleton, not the meat right now. I need to prove to myself–as much as to anyone–that I can get this rough-rough-vomit-on-paper draft finished for once.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
7,393 / 80,000

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