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This is my FAAAAAVorite show…

I am so tired. Beat into the ground tired. I don’t even know why–am I that lazy? It’s only been 2 days of full-time work, and I’m just so tired. All I did today was make phone calls–that’s not hard. In fact, it’s easy, and yesterday I really enjoyed it. I guess the novelty wore off after the 200th call in which I said the same thing. Everyone was super nice, though, so that helps. ^_^

Actually got to some of those submissions in my inbox today! YAY! Sorry for the delay, guys. It’s still under 20 days, at least. I’m just usually a lot faster. The whole FT work thing has taken a bite out of my Apex time. T_T All the same, have been doing what I can to keep up. I think a lot of it is just getting into the routine.

But I lost my MASTER LIST OF DOOOOOOM! I had it all worked out–what house-hold chores would be done when, what we’d have for dinner every night–*everything* (in Zim voice–we’ve been watching a lot of Invader Zim lately, hence, the Gir quote in the title. ^_^) It must be around here somewhere… BUT NOW I’LL BE BEHIND! NOOOOO!

Writing Stuff

Amazingly, I’ve kept writing. I know- It’s madness. I don’t get any spare time at home anymore, so I write during my lunch break at work. I use that whole darn hour to get as much done as possible, because I know when I get home, I will have no time at all. However, I did go back and re-start the summary-draft. I’m not scraping the earlier stuff, that’s why the word count remains positive, because I may go back and rework the old stuff to fit the new perspective I’m working from. (Or I may decide to cut the original beginning and just go with what I’ve got now–it’s up in the air! ^_^)

“Sins of the Father”

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
6,959 / 21,000

Also, for those who follow it, The Thief Dilemma, Chapter 16: In Which the Hammer Comes Down can be found on my DeviantArt site, or on Fanfiction.net here. (WARNING: It’s a rough draft, so there are plenty of odd, glitchy errors. Someday I do plan to go back and fix it up properly, but since it’s fan-fiction, it come second-priority to my original stuff/real life/etc..)

1 thought on “This is my FAAAAAVorite show…”

  1. You’re tired probably because it’s only been two days… I’m sure that once a couple of weeks have passed you’ll be used to it and be able to work on that tiredness.
    I think it’s so funny how many people don’t really consider fan fiction a top or first priority. I wonder why. =)… good luck with work and in finishing up your stories or novels!

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