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A little personal time

So I took a little personal time this Friday/Saturday (will return to regular duties Sunday), and I gotta say, it’s been a lot of fun.

On Friday, Andy, Kaku, and I hung out, finished up Season 2 of Dexter (fun!), halo’d it up, and then headed over to Costco to get some ink for my insane printer (now tentatively name “Rita” since our new group swear is “Friggin’ Rita” and if you’ve seen Dexter, you may understand this and even find it humorous). After the Costco run, where we had lunch (mmm! Hot dogs!), we dropped off the stuff back at the apartment, swapped cars, and headed downtown. Andy got his hair cut, I borrowed Neuromancer from Kaku, and then we all headed over to Pinocchio’s for HH. I tried the Autumn Sidecar (very yummy), and later the cranberry-vodka well drink ($3!), which was very tasty. Needless to say, I was *slightly* buzzed after that, but I’m glad. The shoes I’d decided to wear turned out to be evil in the end, and I was getting some mighty blisters. The alcohol did at least make it easier for me to ignore the pain.

After Pinnochio’s, we headed over to Powell’s, which was probably dangerous, considering I *was* buzzed. Ended up succumbing to my bookworm addiction and bought 4 books, though the total was under $20 (yay for frugality!): Wild Seed (Octavia Butler), Nova (Samuel R. Delany), Triton (Delany), and The 22nd Century short-story collection (John Christopher). Christopher was the one who originally broke down my defenses against spending, because his stuff is so hard to find, and I’ve been dying to read some of his other works. (John Christopher is the author of When the Tripods Came and the whole White Mountain series about the tripods, which I love dearly). Then there was Delany, and Butler, and I just couldn’t turn them down. Plus, the books were used, so they were cheap. Love that. And when I had those four books in hand, I painfully picked my way back on painful feet to where Andy was browsing the music section (yes, they left me *alone* to browse the SF/Fantasy section–dangerous, I know), and we headed out with my prizes. ^_^

Headed to McMinnigan’s for dinner, which was yummy! The food was actually surprisingly good, considering it’s a pub. Andy tried the Terminator stout beer which came highly recommended, and we both agree it’s quite good. Dark as mahogany, with a distinct smokey aftertaste. Like what cigars, I always imagined, would taste like, without the ew. After dinner there, we made our way back to Kaku’s car (with Andy carrying me piggy-back only a little of the way), and headed back here to the apartment for some more halo and some Futurama. It was much fun! ^_^

Today was also good, but the details are below.

Writing Stuff

I finished Chapter 16 of The Thief Dilemma! YAY FOR ME! It’s been so long in coming–literally six months–I’ll be amazed if people are still patient enough to still read it. I’ve continued to get regular hits on the story, though, which still blows me away. Thanks guys!! You should be knighted and sainted for your patience.

The Thief Dilemma

Zokutou word meter
81,601 / 80,000

(Looks like I need to re-estimate how long this story is actually going to be! Also, the last count must not have counted a few chapters. Sorry about that. This is the right word count now.)

2 thoughts on “A little personal time”

  1. I have to admit… just reading this blog made me incredibly happy. Just hearing how your day was (in the fantastic prose of Maggie) really lifted my – not too down – spirits. I am glad you are doing what you want to do… isn’t it amazing? The feeling that we ourselves are doing what we want to do with our lives. Not only that “SMALL” -haha- accomplishment, but the insane fact that we really chose some dog eat dog occupations… why couldn’t we have wanted to be bankers… or mobsters?

    Sorry, I’ve been MIA on the blog, but it’s for a good reason: BUSY. I am so incredibly busy and it’s great. Miss you darling… every time I eat ramen I think of our times together!

  2. Did you see the armadillo?

    I went into B&N for the first time in a very very long time, because I can’t afford anything that isnt a used mass market paperback on Amazon, but they had sales and I got a fabulous book of pie recipes! Thought you’d appreciate that tale.

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