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Initiation Complete

Just got back from my second training day at the FT temp position I’ve got for the next six weeks. The work is really relatively easy, and I seem to be picking it up fast, but man–the early mornings leave me wasted by the end of the day. Today was a little rougher–not work wise, but commute wise–because right after I finished putting on my work makeup, I got the mother of all bloody noses. I hate them. I don’t get them too often, but when I do–watch out! They never give you warning, it’s just a “huh? Oh SH*T” situation. Needless to say, it took me much longer to get out the door than I would have liked, though I still managed to get going only a few minutes later than usual (and luckily there was no traffic). Did skimp on breakfast a little (hard to eat oatmeal when you’ve got wads of tissue shoved up your nose), but I figured that was all right, since I had a baggy of goldfish to tide me over to my late lunch. Naturally, when I get to the car, the thing is fogged up like crazy, and even after I wipe it down, it wants to fog over again. Makes driving really difficult when you can’t see. AND have a wad of tissue up your nose, just to make sure it doesn’t start bleeding again.

Also, I’m pretty convinced our emergency break is dead or useless, since I apparently drove all the way to work on the highway with it on, and the car didn’t so much as lug or seem sluggish. :-\ Oh, and the vents still smell like dog crap. Even with a wad of tissue in between it and my scent detecting organs, I could still smell it. Needless to say, I was glad when opening the window cleared up the interior fog on the windshield.

Otherwise, work was good. Melody, the lady I am filling in for, is so much fun. I felt a little bad, because I kind of take up her space, and she ends up watching me do database stuff (definitely not a fun spectator sport). Still, it’s always a lot of fun when she’s around. I’m really going to miss her company (and her guiding advice). Did better on the phones today–wasn’t afraid to have people spell things out when I couldn’t understand what they were talking about. Seemed to work pretty well, but I tell you what–I’m getting sick of automated phone messages. Does anyone *actually* listen to them?

But otherwise, it went really well. I don’t officially start full-time work until Monday, but if Melody has her baby tomorrow or Friday, then I’ll go in then. Baby’s due tomorrow! WOO! Exciting! We’ll see what happens.

Writing Stuff

And to my shock and self-amusement, I actually got my 500 words a day done. Imagine that! Yesterday, I wrote them after we all finished a brief Dexter viewing (pre-planned, which was good, because otherwise I might have collapsed I was so tired). Today, I wrote them during lunch. HAHA! Brilliant. I’m so proud of myself, can you tell?

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
2,698 / 21,000

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