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I’m tired…

It’s been a long week. Work itself was fine, but I had this weird sick thing going on that may be part bug and part stress-reaction. *lovely* At any rate, I’ve been drained and exhausted, and not a little physically uncomfortable all week. Seems to be getting better though, thank goodness.

Catching up on Apex stuff this weekend, at last!, which will be good. I’ve been so out of wack this week, it was all I could do just to get up announcement posts and get a few submissions done before collapsing in bed.

Cats seem to be settling in well. Litter box is a go, and they’re out from under the bed. They’re real sweeties, and they talk, which is hilarious.

I’d get totally smashed tonight to celebrate getting through the week, but I’m terrified of kicking up the stress-reaction again. So I’ll probably just eat and zone out on a Desperate Housewives or two.

Or three…

Writing Stuff:

I’m such a weird writer. Seriously. I did get more work done on the Zero Draft, and some more on “Geiststrasse”, but *now* I’ve been completely side-swiped by an overwhelming passion to revisit this one uncompleted tale (currently 13,000+) which I apparently got frustrated with about a year ago. I’d been thinking about it recently, wondering what it would read like now, and so I made the mistake of pulling it up.

Oh. My. Word.

I have no idea how I haven’t finished this story yet. It’s got GUSTO and PIZAZZ. It’s 13k+, and I read the whole thing without even realizing it. I was on the edge of my seat! Granted–this is me, not an actual reader–but still! And considering that it’s got a lot of momentum, I’m going to try to top it off and give it a proper ending. I wonder what this technique would be called? Dualistic? Write the first half until you forget why the story excited you so much; come back a year later, re-energize, and finish it? Maybe it’s more bipolar. lol. It’s not the first time I’ve done this, either–“Imaginix” was written this way. The first section was written at least a year before the other half before I came back to it and finished the whole thing. “The Thief Dilemma” is the same thing: first event written about a year or two before I came back and revamped. In fact, that whole story is written like this, with months in between each section. I usually re-read the old sections, get vamped up, get back into the voice, and then write like mad until I’ve got another section.

Can a writing career be done like this? It seems so… unorganized…

Then again, it also strikes me as useful, because if I’ve written the first half and still remember it fondly and with interest (in that “I wonder what ever happened to that story” kind of way), it’s usually a story worth continuing (or at least, it has *something* I love about it). If I forget I ever wrote it, I can probably let it slide without a problem. Plus, in the several months to a year that the story sits–half-digested–I tend to forget what I originally thought *had* to happen, and can see where the ending really needs to go. Gets all that over-thinking noise out of the way.

Maybe this will work for me? I mean, I’m still insisting on 500+ words/1 hr editing a day, but maybe I just need to create a folder called “started stories” and another folder called “finished stories” and just dig around in the first one every now and then. It might also solve my occasional problem of wanting to *write* but not really wanting to create a whole new world/idea; or wanting to create a world/idea without really wanting to write a full story.

Who knows? Maybe I’m just crazy. ^_^

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