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Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

Well, I think I’m over the initial exhaustion of the new FT job. I’m getting used to the hours, used to the time restrictions, used to the commute, and most of all, used to the work. I don’t feel quite as much like a fish out of water.

The benefit of this gradual adapting is that I’ve gotten back full-swing to Apex submissions, which have sadly sat in my inbox longer than I would usually like (still under our 20-30 day turnaround, but still). Got through a number today, which was good, and actually makes my submission folder look a little more manageable! YAY! That’s a relief.

And don’t forget that Apex is holding it’s post-halloween raffle at this moment! Lots of awesome goodies there, so do check it out! It’s just a dollar for a ticket, and that ticket could get you some great prizes.

Did I mention that Andy and I now have two love-seats? WELL WE DO! No more sitting on the floor, like we’ve been doing for the past two months. Now we’ve got a nice little curl-up TV spot. It looks almost like a Sims living room. ^_^

The cats are doing much better too–no longer hiding under the bed (at least not all day). Ozzy is a regular attention pest, which we adore. Mei is much quieter and shy, but she’s a lovey when she’s feeling social. And I think we’ve got Ozzy to stop trying to knead our legs while we’re trying to sleep at night, which is a much appreciated improvement!

I’d like to say the house is also in great shape–neat and tidy–but it’s not. We seriously need to do dishes, but when do I have the time? (Or want to spend that time doing dishes?) We’ll figure out something though.

Writing Stuff:

I’ve been very diligent with keeping up on the writing this week. 500+ words every day, now on the “diamond in the rough” story I re-discovered last week. “Geiststrasse” has been tabled until I regain motivation and discover the right voice. The “novel” is awaiting a push-through to the next chapter after a wrong turn…somewhere… I’m not even sure where it went a little sour. Will take some research. But I should be able to finish the “diamond in the rough” story relatively soon. I’d feel worse about jumping projects, but I read an article about Kevin J. Anderson doing this regularly, so it makes me feel like less of a bum.

Oh! Good note: Got back one of my cold-readers critiques, so I can run “Mimicry” through the gauntlet again. I’m hoping to have that polished up and ready to go out soon. No word about “Earthbound” at WotF, but I’m not surprised.

In other news, I reorganized my submission-tracking/rejection-slip organization system, to be more in line with starkravenmadd’s post on the Morpheus Tales forum. (A nifty place to hang out, btw.) I’m posting the submission tracking form I created and am using now. It’s far from perfect, I’m sure, but it has pretty much everything I need.

And last but not least, for those of you following “The Thief Dilemma”, I’ve also planned out the entirety of Chapter 17, as yet untitled. I’m hoping to pound that out this Saturday, if the mood persists. If not this Saturday, perhaps next. Should be fun! ^_^

2 thoughts on “Getting Back Into the Swing of Things”

  1. Whenever I talk to people about the furniture-accumulation aspect of Parker’s and my moving in together next year, I compare it to the Sims! Like… well, we’ll start out simple with the ugly plaid couch and the TV set with bunny ears, but eventually we’ll get to the giant vibrating heart bed!


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