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The weekend has been a blast, which is saying a lot, considering we (myself, Andy, and Kaku) actually watched The Happening (willingly). Now don’t get all excited–the viewing confirmed the films place on our worst movies ever list, but now we feel vindicated because Kaku knows it belongs there. XD! We also played a lot of MarioKart and drank delicious rum and cokes (which–coming from me–is quite a statement). It just goes to show how much rum choice makes a drink good or not. ^_^

We also got the oil changed (yay!), got Andy shoes (yay!), got a salmon cook book (yay!), and got two sweatshirts (yay!) The sweatshirts are particularly good because I just happened to see a Hawaii Warriors sweatshirt at Finish Line, and since my old one is wearing itself out (there’s a thumb-hole in the pocket, and the cuffs have been worn in half), and Andy got a Longhorns/Texas sweatshirt.

Writing Stuff:

Well, I didn’t get a chance to get “Mimicry” in the mail today (as was my goal), because my printer decided to officially run out of ink today. Lovely. I hate this printer so much. Not only is it neurotic and thinks it smarter than me, but the ink cartridges are almost impossible to find. This is also compounded by the fact that our local Staples apparently has nothing in stock. Ever. >.< So I’m hoping to pick up some ink tomorrow and get the story out in the mail just a day late.

But I did get out “Ten-Day” and “Penetration”, which I’ve been meaning to get out for the past six months. Pitiful. But at least they’re out gathering me rejection slips, and toughening up my skin. I’ll just consider it practice for the upcoming stories.

Hoping to edit up “The Road to Ki’o Ahi” and “Blood Junkie” this upcoming week, but mostly trying to hammer out the last few sections of the current fiction project.

*le sigh* I’m still drained. How silly is that?

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