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It’s like THURSDAY!

So as my post title might imply, I’m very excited that I get Thursday and Friday off for Thanksgiving (meaning today is like Thursday, and tomorrow, like Friday)! Work was good, and I got a lot done, which was fabulous. And the alarm system didn’t do anything weird! ALSO YAY!

Came home, and got some Apex stuff off my plate of things to do, so that was good too. My email’s still being a little strange (yesterday, it wouldn’t let me send any out-going messages). >.o Tonight, it seems like it wants to do the same thing, though it was working fine not an hour ago. *shrugs* Whatever. Still glad I’m getting back on a roll with sub-editor stuff! YAY! ^_^

I need to go grocery shopping…

Writing Stuff:

Sadly, not too much on the productive side. Yesterday I got my 500+ words done, and Sunday I did editing, so that was all good. Today, I was too distracted by the sudden realization that I need to go back to the novel version I was writing at the end of Spring ’08 semester.

I know, I know. For those of you familiar with this life-sucking project, this isn’t a shock. Whenever I set myself down to “pound it out, no matter what, just to get a rough draft” I always end up switching gears entirely and reverting, re-inventing, or rewriting. This time, I’m just reverting.

I realized today, at the sinking feeling in my stomach at the thought of working on pushing through the current draft, that I just keep trying to make it as good as the S’08 summary draft. That draft has pizazz, fire, action, and the characters are actually who I’ve wanted them to be. So instead of fighting it tooth and nail, like I have been, I’ve decided to break up with my old idea entirely, scrap the parts, and hopefully use them all in different, unrelated projects. I’m hanging onto the semi-near-future/local solar system/space-guard draft for Marha, and I’m going with that, because Keon is sweet in it, and he works, and he doesn’t seem forced. Marha is rough, but she’s complex and interesting without being annoying. Sarad is bad-a$$, but his motivation for screwing with Marha’s mind is well established. And Jace… Oh, Jace. Jace is just as Jace should be. This version also incorporates the racial diversity I’ve been striving for in my more recent writing, unlike the old version, and I realize now how important that is to me to include.

And there’s null-g fight scenes! WEEE! Newton’s Third Law of Motion has never been so thrilling.

Meanwhile, I’ve learned that I need more stamps, since “Mimicry” is going to cost me $2 to mail. Lovely. Early morning stamp run, here I come! XD!

Also, got my fastest rejection yesterday. It sucked. But it’s filed, and I’m over it now. ^_^

I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.

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