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Thanksgiving Break, Day 1

Slept in like crazy (which is like, 9:00 for us now), which was delightful. Lazed around all morning in our PJs, glutted ourselves on Desperate Housewives (we had 8 unwatched episodes from Netflix), and later grabbed lunch out. Watched more Desperate Housewives (love), and chatted with family, and played a little Resident Evil 4. Nothing like killing zombies on Thanksgiving. ^_^

We didn’t get the whole turkey/potatoes/cranberry-sauce goodness yet–that’s today’s awesomeness over at Kaku’s parents’ house. We’re really looking forward to it. ^_^

Made a quick stop by Walmart for some essentials, and got some fruit stuff for a light dinner (which we both felt like–my stomach had been off, for some reason, anyway). And almost finished off the Desperate Housewives marathon.

Writing Stuff:

Okay, this is more today than yesterday, though I did plot a bunch of new stuff. But here’s the summary-draft total at the moment:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
22,152 / 50,000

The 50,000 is a rather arbitrary number. I imagine I can easily get the story’s plot wrapped up by then. Possibly earlier. I’m already heading pretty strongly toward a climax, but I wanted to give myself plenty of creative wiggle room. This whole draft has been going very well. I’ve been enjoying myself, the characters seem to be thriving, and the plot is definitely stronger than it has ever been before. So I’m optimistic, all in all. ^_^ We’ll just see how it goes.

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