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Painting is fun!

So I finally got myself some brushes/paint/etc. to start trying to oil paint. Figured it’d be cheaper than therapy as a way to relieve stress, lol. Haven’t done much art in a while, and I was chomping at the bit to get going, so yesterday I got to it! This was my first attempt:


The picture is a little blurry, but I couldn’t use a flash. >.< Sorry about that. I was pretty happy with it, considering I’ve never oil-painted before. Still have a ton to learn (like more drastic differences in shadow/more realistic face structure/etc.) but I feel like this first attempt at least gives me hope that I might actually be able to paint more realistic people someday, with a lot of practice. Figure I’ll move on to portraits/full-body portraits next from pictures.

painting2So today, I wanted to give it another go with some different styling. The day before I’d painted one half of the long canvas a reddish-purple, and wanted to try a portrait over it. I was originally shooting to create a likeness of one of my Thief characters, but the colors I selected (going more dramatic this time, to practice shading/face-structure again) and the facial structures (no sketch behind it this time) ended up creating a semi-David-Bowie/vampire look. Still, overall I’m really pretty happy with it. Will have to work on the translation of what’s-in-my-head to what’s-on-the-canvas, but still–for a second attempt, I’m content. ^_^

And for some other random pictures I’ve been meaning to post: Maple-Whiskey Salmon I made a week or two ago, and Mei and Ozzy on our bed.



Also, looks like I’m staying on at work for at least another month! YAY! So mid-January I’ll find out if I’m staying more permanently or if the temp job is going to end. At least I’ve got cash flow for the holiday season! ^_^

Now, off to do submissions and other Apexy work!

Writing Stuff:

Posting this notice which I got in an email this past week to promote the Fantastical Visions IV anthology (which looks like it *will* come out!):

My story, “Imaginix” will appear in Fantastical Visions IV, by Fantasist Enterprises, independent publisher of illustrated fantasy books.

So there it is! The page is not finished (cover needs to be there, plus other details), and I haven’t edited my story yet (haven’t gotten an edit draft), but at least this is a positive move forward. So yay! ^_^

Still plugging away on the novel stuff, and things are going very well, which makes me happy. ^_^ Looking at a modified-Chekhov year for 2009–one story every two weeks. I’m hoping that will give me time to really explore ideas and take the time to write them well. I just really need to write more short stories and get them out there.

No word on “Earthbound” yet, and another pass on “Ten-Day”. Bummer. But at least “Mimicry” is out now, so if “Earthbound” isn’t fantasy enough, then “Mimicry” should at least satisfy on that account.

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