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A Saturday to Remember

At last! After months of being too busy to do anything for myself, due to moving/reviewing/outside projects/etc./etc., I've finally had my first RELAXING Saturday! It's a micro miracle, I tell you. In the past, I've always made Saturdays "My Day," meaning I can do whatever I want, even if it's just lay around on the… Continue reading A Saturday to Remember

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Write In/White Out : Meltdown

I've determined that I have an emotionally abusive relationship with my muse.  Writing Stuff: Yesterday evening was a stupid evening. I think the inspiration center of my brain (open M-W 10AM-2PM, Th-F 8AM-11AM, closed S/Sun/and whenever the heck it feels like it) and the anxiety center of my brain (24/7/365--always there when you don't need… Continue reading Write In/White Out : Meltdown