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I’s so tired…

I am tired. It’s been a long week already, and it’s only Wednesday!

O_O <–my scared face. 

On the plus side, I’ve been playing around with Write In/White Out, a comic strip which is pretty much just me making fun of the fact that I’m insane, and the fact that I think too much, and the fact that when it comes to writing, I have so little self-confidence. I figured it would help me lighten up about myself in the process, too, which would be good! Plus, I love drawing/cartooning, so it’ll give me yet another thing to do INSTEAD of actually getting writing done! YAY!

>.O <–my ouch face. 

Also, check out my blog article for Apex! And keep an eye out for my review of the new Star Trek movie next week on the Apex blog!

Writing Stuff:

T_T <–streaming tears face

Grand total this week: a measly 248 words on “THE UNTITLED NOVEL PROJECT”, but I’m just messing around with that anyway. Only ~1000 new words on the “UNTITLED DYSTOPIC SF SHORT STORY”. *le sigh*

It’s been a bad week for writing. I usually get only about an hour during my lunch break at work to get anything written, but this week has been chalk-full of meetings, training sessions, and various other lunch-break-eating activities. So it’s been slightly unproductive from that perspective.

2 thoughts on “I’s so tired…”

  1. Maggie! I just followed your link for the Apex blog and saw your post about physics/math/astronomy and it totally brought me back! Remember Neptune News?? And when we emailed the astronomer and asked him absurd questions that we thought were really hard core?? Oh man, good times. And thanks for the vote of confidence as far as the astronaut thing goes :D

    I honestly believe you can get into physics/astronomy… don’t give up on it!!


    1. lol! YES! The question about why–even if there’s no water or solid
      ground–life couldn’t exist in the atmosphere of Jupiter? XD! He was really
      nice and admitted we were totally right! That was AWESOME! ^_^
      I’ll just have to be your laymen counterpart–expect lots of
      physics/astronomy questions! ^_^ lol

      The review is being written today. ^_^

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