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Weeks are too long, and weekends are too short

I think we should implement either a month off for all policy or at least extend weekends by one day. By the time I’ve actually started to unwind, I hit Sunday when I’ve got to get all the chores done that I didn’t get done during the week, and then it’s Monday and the whole process starts up again! I think it’s probably better not to “live for the weekend” because weekends are like that food you had for the first time in a foreign country that was just SO GOOD, but when you go back, it just can’t live up to those years of fond memories. 

So I’m trying to not think of the weekend as “my fun time”. Instead, I’m trying to think of every day after work as “my fun time”. Tonight, I am going to guiltlessly junk out on some of Cycle 12 America’s Next Top Model, because I love watching those girls backstab each other. I think it’s the rush of relief I feel know that I’m not personally having to deal with that drama. Besides, for the most part, they all deserve each other. Then I might play a little Harvest Moon (talk about unproductive and yet oh-so-delightful distraction), or do a little reading (more something I *should* do but that happens to feed a need to write), and I’ll also make sure to write my review of STAR TREK! (Hint: it’s positive.) That last item is the only thing I *have* to do tonight. Otherwise, I’m just trying to decompress from the day.

Also, working on the first COLOR version of Write In/White Out. I think it’s funny… [^_^] 

Writing Stuff:

900+ words on a random scene out of the “UNTITLED NOVEL PROJECT”! Thinking of actually sitting down and starting from the beginning one of these days, but only if I feel like it. I think I need to do more research on one area, but that once that’s done (and I’ve already got the books for it), I should be set on that. SO EXCITED.

Okay, other than that, still plugging away at “DYSTOPIC SF SHORT STORY” (also untitled). We’ll see how it all goes. So much to do, so little time. And then there’s Chapter 17 to think about! Two sections (one definitely OK’d, the other, waiting OK’age) done, third waiting. Maybe this weekend? Maybe? Please have time?  

I’ve been thinking about posting my monthly “to-do” list just to hold myself more responsible to it (this month has been baaaaaaad so far for the list-following). Then again, sometimes I just need to go with my gut on what feels right to write at any given time. Right now, the Novel is eating my brain, and I love it.

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