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Show and Tell

It’s late, so I’ll be brief! Thought I’d showcase my amateur painting process just for kicks. Here’s the basic paint-sketching I got done this last Saturday after spending waaaaay too much time trying to figure out a subject. Turns out, Andy is my subject this time around. I’m really stuck on the portrait thing, and on close-up face shots. I’d like to break out of that sooner rather than later, but I liked this set up a lot. Tentatively titled “Dorian”.


Very, very rough. But started.

Also, I’ll post some of the pictures Andy took of his and my and Nate and Sadie’s trip to the beach in Pacific City yesterday sometime either tomorrow or whenever.

Writing Stuff:

Finished the POV rewrite at the end of “Swallow”. Check out the Writing To-Do List (WTDL) page to keep track of the things I check off my list. Also, got MY SISTER’S KEEPER on audio-book for the car since I finished SENSE & SENSIBILITY (not my favorite Austen), and picked up two nonfiction books on firefighting for research purposes.

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