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“Be My Sexy Dead Wife”

Andy and I have been watching more of The IT Crowd, a bizarre and funny sitcom-style BBC show about an IT department in a large corporation. The first season was a blast–so odd, and yet so hilarious– that we actually rented it twice from Netflix, so we knew we had something good. This last week we got season 2, and while it’s different, it’s been a lot of fun. Hence, the bizarre quote. XD There are lots of them.

It’s been an excellent weekend so far. Last night, we hung out with Nate and Sadie, made spaghetti over at their place and then went out for gelato. Caught some live music in the process, which was delightful, and then headed back here to watch a few episodes of Futurama. ^_^ All in all, an excellent evening.

Today has been pretty laid back. I kept meaning to play a bit of Grand Theft Auto, but just never quite got around to it. (HAHA! I didn’t “get around” to playing video games! XD Love that.) Did watch some of my guilty reality-TV-show pleasure, Australia’s Next Top Model (I’ve been through most of America’s NTM, and Project Runway). It’s a fun show for just mind-vegging on.

Also got some quick editing in on the still as-yet untitled “DYSTOPIC SF SHORT STORY” and sent it off to meh mum, who’s my regular editor. Switched it to present tense, which I think works a lot better for the flow.

Then I topped off the afternoon with some painting. This face is slightly more realistic, I think, than the first one, but I still need to go back and add a little more peachy-orange to the left side of his face in places, just to warm up the lighting.


Then Kaku and Andy’s classmate Leon are coming over for pizza and to watch Solaris, which I’ve heard is very good. Should be a good evening! ^_^

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