It’s F*sking Hot!

It was 104 degrees on the drive home from work today, with no air conditioning because it’s leaking condensation into the cab, for some inexplicable reason. 104 degrees is simply too hot for me. My brain shuts down and I just want to sleep.

Also, I get grumpy. Looking forward to taking out some of that rage on Xbox Live tonight playing a little halo with Andy. I’m not very good, but every so often I’ll get a kill.

I think I’m melting. Also, probably a little buzzed from a cold beer at the Wooden Chicken. It’s a little dive down our street. A dive. Just like everything else “hip” in Portland. Have you noticed that? There’s a dive fetish here.

Writing Stuff:

Tried to embrace my new focus on fantasy writing today. It failed, thus making me more grumpy. I realize it’s likely just an issue of not having fully thought out what I wanted, and of being intimidated by my own ideas. That’s annoying. :-\

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