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It is too hot. I do not function well in excessive heat, particularly with no air conditioning. I’ve been trying to be productive, but in the end, I just end up laying on the carpet moaning “why? why is it so hot?!”

It was 108 in the car on the way home today. How do you like that?

Writing Stuff:

I’ve got a second chance at being productive this week, since tomorrow is Write Nite #2! Today, I got out “Memories of Hope City” for a shot in an anthology. I’m crossing my fingers, but hey–what happens, happens, and no matter what, just submitting this will cross a threshold I haven’t attempted before.

Currently writing “Faith, In Layers”, a fantasy short story. We’ll see how this one turns out. Finally untied some of the knots in my head, and I’m just going for it with what it’s got to offer me. Saving some other details for some later story. Hoping to keep this one under the 5k limit, but we’ll see. >.O

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