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Don’t you enjoy the rustic charm of the materialistically disinclined?

So! Still a little in that limbo land of the job-world. Seems like my current placement would really like to keep me on in some capacity, but I’m still a little uncertain what form that would exactly take. Ah well, no hurry. I’ll be staying an extra three days to help the returning employee get back up to speed and pick up some of the new tasks I’ve taken on.

Other than all that, though, the week has been good. We finally got the Jeep in to have the cracked evaporator looked at, unfortunately it seems like there are a lot of other “problems” it has, so we’ll have to evaluate what the most important fixes are, and what we can live with for a while. Heck, we *could* live without the evaporator, but the death-fog is starting to scare me when I drive. So at least that will get fixed. And we get a loaner car until it’s ready, which is nice. ^_^ You know, getting around places and all that.

House of MirthOn a more interesting note, I got to do some more oil painting this weekend! YAY! It’s the first chance I’ve had to really settle into a new image, because the last project I worked on (not yet finished) was done in non-water-soluble paint, and therefore took almost three weeks to dry out enough for me to take it off the easel. Now it’s dry, so perhaps next week I’ll do some work on that one.

The one I worked on this weekend, though, was good practice on faces, proportion, and skin-tone work. I used a stock image from “NormLifeBabyStock” on DeviantArt. It was a beautiful picture, and since I wanted something other than just a face, I figured it was a good image to work from. I realize now that the dark background which I added later ended up making her look a lot paler (though in the original image, she’s got a bright light on her and is therefore fairly pale then too), but I was enraptured with the Rembrandt dark-warm shadows. Ah well. Learn something new each time. All the same, I had a lot of fun, and though it doesn’t look nearly as realistic as the portrait photo, I think it gets the general gist.

In other news, still plugging away at Modified-Chekhov-Year (MCY) Story #1. It really took off today. I was panicking because I was running out of battery power, so I just started writing, trying to get into it as quickly and effectively as possible, and it worked. I barely remembered to eat lunch during my lunch break. lol. ^_^ Current word count total:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
3,857 / 7,500

Getting pretty far in, and I’m just going to say now, it’s going to be a tight finish to get in under 7.5k. We’ll just have to wait and see.

OH! And I almost forgot: got my edits for “Imaginix” from Fantasist Enterprises Editor-In-Chief William H. Horner! YAY! I’m so excited about getting the story polished up for print. Keep an eye out for the Fantastical Visions IV anthology due out this spring!

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