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It’s so pretteh, I don’t want to take it down!

So… I’ve been avoiding posting since I posted about FANTASTICAL VISIONS IV last post. I’m still so excited! ^_^ But ah well, the time has come to push it down a level.

This week of work–while still pretty busy–seems to have lost the angst and negative energy of last week, which is a much appreciated change. And strangely enough, I felt really productive today! I got some serious work done on the “DYSTOPIC SF SHORT STORY” which was definitely needed.

*still glowing about FV IV*

Writing Stuff:

Figured I’d put the writing to-do list here for now, since it’s so short, and I need to be able to carry it around with me. Yesterday did some word-parring on the “DYSTOPIC SF SHORT STORY” and re-planned most of the later scenes after realizing I had a few more words to work with than I’d previously thought. Still, I’m trying to stay way under that limit if possible.

So here’s where I stand for June’s To-Do List:

– “The Thief Dilemma” – Chapter 17
– Query about “Mimicry” / Resubmit
– Finish critique-able draft of “UNTITLED DYSTOPIC SF STORY”

I’ve got some work to do…

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