Apex Magazine


APEX MAGAZINE is coming out of haitus! YAY! I’m so excited about this. It’s a great magazine, and there is such a need for them right now. From what I’m hearing, we’re also going to be offering the magazine in a print POD form as well, for those who prefer the sweet whisper of paper between their fingers. Read more about Apex’s triumphant return here!

Submissions are opening up again for short fiction on July 1st! Check out the guidelines here!



    1. Glad I could be helpful! Thanks Justin! ^_^ I’m hoping to get back into giving feedback on submissions. Last time we ended up with such a rush of manuscripts, I didn’t really have time to comment all that much. But I’m so glad Apex is coming back! I missed slushing.

      1. I’m really happy, too! One of my fav mags to read, and the number of dark fiction markets open was starting to look pretty grim. :-)

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