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Apex is BACK, baby!

And thus begins the re-life of Apex Magazine! Got my first few submissions to go through today in my inbox. Ah, what a delightful sight to see! ^_^

Writing Stuff:

It’s also the first of the month, which means a re-cap of my writing goals from last month. I would normally post the new-and-improved! list for this month also, but I haven’t actually had a chance to think about it! O.O

1. Finish Chapter 17 of the Thief Dilemma – [I’ll comment on this below]
2. Finish Chapter 3 of the “UNTITLED NOVEL PROJECT” – DONE!
3. Query about “Mimicry” – DONE!
4. Get an editable draft of the “Untitled Dystopic SF short story” – DONE!

Okay, so Chapter 17 of The Thief Dilemma is *technically* done, rounding out at about 6,200 words. I like some of it, maybe most of it. It came out in a rush and I had a blast writing it, but now I’m not so sure. I think it’s all so fresh in my mind still that I can’t tell if it’s what I want or not. What this means, of course, is that I’m going to sit on it for a day or two. I’m not going to think about it. Not going to touch it. Maybe once I get away from it a little, I’ll be a better judge of whether or not it’s good to go.

I hope it is. I want it to be done. Not just for those patient saints who still read it–chapter by chapter–but because I’m ready to move forward, to dig in my heels to the next phase.

But I don’t want to rush it. And I’m just not sure…

*sigh* If only it screamed “I’M READY!”, I’d post it and get it out of my mind, but yet it lingers, asking “Is this what you want?” Once it goes down, it goes down, and I’ll have to work with it from then on. ARG. I’m frustrating myself. >.<

2 thoughts on “Apex is BACK, baby!”

    1. It has been a lucky month, haha! ^_^ Still, I’m hoping this next month will be more ambitious.

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