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The New List

*Ahem.* Chapter 17 of Thief Dilemma is now OFFICIALLY finished and posted. I ended up reworking the last half of the last scene again today, and I’m so glad I did. MUCH better. Now my inner gut isn’t writhing in pain thinking about it. ^_^

And subsequently, it’s time for July’s WRITING TO DO LIST OF DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM:

2. Write Chapter 4-10 of “UNTITLED NOVEL PROJECT”
3. (Optional) Thief Dilemma Chapter 18. (I say optional, since I’ve never actually been able to turn a chapter around in a month, and this month is going to be particularly orig-novel-heavy, but I’m leaving it on the table for something I’d like to do, but won’t guilt-trip myself about if it doesn’t quite happen. This story is particularly susceptible to my gut-meter, and it’s a hard meter to please sometimes. I need to play thief more often…)

Extra orig-novel-heavy this month. I want to make serious progress on it, and the only way I’m going to do that is to really focus my attention on it. At the same time, I *really* need to finish and get out the “Dystopic SF story* ASAP, so it’s going out to its first reader tonight for the first run of an edit. I could also stand to give it a proper title, since the one it’s got now is boooooooooooring. >.O

Happy side note: I love Apex! Apex is great! ^_^

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