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Eight-Ball in the far–no, wait…middle?–pocket?

Had a great time out last night hanging with Sadie and Nate and their friend Shirley! Andy and I brought over the fresh salmon, and I did my best to make the Whiskey-Maple recipe I’ve got. In the end, I think it came out a little more cooked than Andy and I normally have it, but it still tasted pretty good. ^_^

It was a night of good food, good friends, and great conversation. And there was some beer/wine, which probably made all those things more boisterous! But hey, you gotta cut loose sometimes, and we didn’t go over the top. ^_^ We ended the evening with a few games of pool at a nearby pub. I’m apparently not that bad at pool, though I don’t know how much the wine helped keep me, if only by keeping me from getting too competitive.  Had some amazingly lucky shots, though they didn’t always go where I was expecting (AT ALL), so I think of the games I played, we won one and we lost one (due to an eight-ball in the middle pocket, not the far corner pocket. >.O Yeah, that was me.) They were all close games, though, and I think everyone had a good time. I know I did!

Writing Stuff:

This week–due to a number of meetings at work–hasn’t been that great for writing. Lunches were usually busy, and evenings were spent catching up on Apex work, or various other things that needed to get done around the house. I did get out on Thursday with Sadie, so I got about +1000 words from Write Nite, but it didn’t quite make up for the time lost during the week.

Did get Andy’s overview of the “Dystopic SF” story–still untitled… I need to learn how to come up with titles like Eugie Foster! Her titles are brilliant–so I’ve got a few tweaks to make before sending it back to my mom for another more in-depth edit. I did a lot of big organizational editing early on in the process, so I think *that* should be pretty solid. I’m still very much an amateur in so many ways, this probably will be a bit of a stretch for me to get in, but if nothing less, I’ve had a great time writing it and polishing it. It’s been a nice break from novel work!

On the novel front, did get those 1000 words Thursday, which is at least something. I think I’ll push the chapter forward instead of cutting it off at 2000 words (at least, that’s my gut feeling at the moment). The crap-o-meter’s needle is still wobbling on whether or not I’ve done in this last scene what I needed to, but I do think the beginning is right. May just change the execution of the later part to be a little more forward-moving…

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