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I was born to be a bureaucrat,

to be anal, compulsive, and weird,
but when push comes to shove,
you gotta do what you love,
even if it’s not a good idea!

– Hermes Conrad, “How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back”, FUTURAMA

I’ve been a little lax on the updating, shame on me! Been really busy trying to juggle everything, be productive, be responsible, yadda yadda yadda. Andy’s playing with his new pod at the moment, and having a grand ol’ time synthing every different kind of guitar-effects peddle. ^_^ It’s fun to listen to. Me, I’m contemplating going into the bedroom, turning on our new little Roomba, and sitting–giggling–on the bed as it cleans for me. We got it used on Craigslist for $50, since the battery was dead, but the new battery came today! We cleaned out all its brushes and set it to work on the living room.

I’m both ashamed and amazed at how much junk it got up out of our carpets so far. Granted, we’ve only been using my tiny little college-dorm-style vacuum, and the suction on that thing can’t be that great. But still! NIFTY SHINY ROBOT DOING WORK FOR ME! ^_^ Oh, we are *quite* amused. And the cat’s don’t totally hate it. Oz has figured out he can sit on the bottom shelf of our bookshelf and watch as the Roomba scoots under him, while he and his paws are safely out of reach.

Oh, side note, before I forget!: I’m starting up a dark fiction review site. It’s called Notorious Coward’s Dark Fiction Review. It’s still in its uber-fetus stage, so there’s little to nothing on it, but I’m always open to suggestions of what I should read/review in the dark fiction market. I am looking to eventually steer it more toward small press (including magazines), but at the moment, I’m not being too firm. I’m hoping to get a review of PRIDE & PREJUDICE & ZOMBIES up soon, and I might migrate some of my film reviews (of dark fiction) from here to there, just to give it a little kindling. ^_^

(Man, have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE setting up/designing websites? It’s been too long…)

Writing Stuff:

I think I’ve actually been on task for the most part. This week’s been a little slow out of the gate, but words are still getting onto the page, so I’m not complaining. As the list stands currently:

– Finish (draft/edits–>sub-worthy) “Faith, in Layers”
– Compose, write, edit, and submit a 3k-5k short story for ASIM
X Write Chapter 5 of the NOVEL
– Write Chapter 6 of the NOVEL
– Keep a minimum of 15 journal entries

So far, no journal entries–I’ll try to remedy that starting tonight–but I’ve been planning out the ASIM story (tentatively titled “The Long Wind-down”, subject to change at a moment’s notice), and think I’m about ready to start hammering it out in prose. Don’t know if it’s *quite* light enough, but I’m going for the actiony/bizarre angle. Not sure of the voice yet, either….

I’ve also got ~2200 words on Chapter 6, which is what I worked on today, with plenty of room to play with yet. “Faith, in Layers” is still waiting for her next scene, which I have to ponder some more. I suspect I have an idea of what it will contain, but I’m still working out the details.

Did I mention that last week I organized all my computer drafts into lovely little folders and subcategories? XD Hence the title of this post… On the plus side, now I can actually find drafts!

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