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Hot Wings = Delayed (but scrumptious!) Pain

Just a brief update before I sign off for the night. Work was fine, and at lunch got ~850 words done (better than I thought!) on “Faith, In Layers”. It’s been having a little run of favor the past two days while Chapter 6 stalls out slightly. At least I’m getting something done! >.O Had a fun fit-the-puzzle-pieces-together moment with one very small idea I’ve had bumping around in my skull and “Sidrie’s Last Battle” which I’m eyeing to get written/polished/submitted next month. It made me giggle. ^_^

Had Buffalo Wild Wings tonight. They’re so TASTY, but oh how I always regret it later. I’m still feeling the burn and we ate at six today. -_-

Also: Look for my upcoming interview with FANTASTICAL VISIONS editor William H. Horner. It’ll be co-posted on this and Notorious Coward’s Dark Fiction Review.

I’m gonna go get a glass of water… HOT WINGS! I LOVE YOU SO! WHY DO YOU HURT ME?!?

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