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You’ve had the worst, now try the THIRST…


And it’s another week, but at least this time, I’m recharged! Took the weekend to recharge my social batteries which was much, MUCH needed. I seem to neglect the fact that at heart, I truly am an introvert, and I de-stress best when on my own. It’s not at all that I don’t like hanging out with my friends (you guys are awesome, and you KNOW you are!), but there are times when I need to indulge the hermit in me so I don’t end up throwing a two-year-old tantrum due to stress(which is unpleasant for all involved).

Definitely seemed to help a lot. Still plenty going on to be stressed about, but I’ve got the ol’ Sim social meter in the green, once more. (Mine works in reverse to the typical Sim Social Meter, just for clarification.) Also, our Roomba is the closest thing I’ve ever had to a Servo, and it makes me laugh. ^_^

Got my mini-blender at work today from our most awesome Cisco points! Weee! Mini-blender! I’m particularly looking forward to tomorrow, however, which is when I should be getting my iPod touch…. *OOOOOOOOO, so excited!*

Writing Stuff:

Switched horses mid-month. Not something I want to get used to, but in this case, I think it works. Exchanged “The Long Wind-Down” for “Sidrie’s Last Battle”, due to the fact that “Wind-Down” is a much grimmer story than “Sidrie”, and “Sidrie”–if I can fit it into 5k, which is the goal!–would make a much better submission to the market of my choice for this month. It’s much more naturally humorous, light, and silly, with a few darker moments.

Started writing the beginning today, and it’s going well thus-far. I wasn’t going to use any part of the older drafts, but the opening of one of them was precisely what I wanted for the opening of this one, so I’m going through it, trimming it back, and hauling its wordiness in. This tale has to be as tight as possible, which is good practice for me. UNDER 5k! IT WILL BE DONE! (*gulp*)

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