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“Beer Bags” – You’ve heard it, now you can’t UNhear it!

So it’s been a good day in that it’s been busy enough to let time pass well, and not so busy that my brain is threatening to implode. ^_^ That’s nice.

Ate at The Wooden Chicken tonight, since we made a $20 cash overestimation in our budget this month, and decided–instead of saving it like responsible adults–to blow it on an air-conditioned dinner. But it was yummy! Don’t judge me! >.<

Also, iPod still = <3

Writing Stuff:

Ultimately, not too many “new” words on the page today, but I did pirate almost 2k from one of my older drafts of “Sidrie’s Last Battle”. I had promised myself I wouldn’t do that, but when I went back to skim and get a general feeling for what I wanted from Scene III, I just fell completely in love with the old Scene II…and the old Scene III. It creates some new issues I’ll need to resolve (and *quickly*) in Scene IV/V, but I’m hedging my bets that my estimation of 1.5k for the final scene will actually be a gross overestimate of how much time I’ll actually need (since the scene before it is also 1.5k). But I also have to switch up Scene IV, since I’m missing a vital character without whom the story cannot proceed…

Oi. If I can get this in 5k, I’ll be so insanely impressed with myself.

At least Scene II makes me giggle now. ^_^ That’s always nice. I like giggling.

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