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He smells like gerbils.

Oz does smell like gerbils. I think it’s the wheat litter.

But anyway! Not too much new going on. It’s hot again (yay. T_T <–sarcastic face). Went to work. Came home (in traffic). Ate dinner.


Writing Stuff:

I’m not sure if today was a success or an utter failure. At lunch, the words just poured forth, almost making me miss my break-end. It was on my mind all afternoon, and then when I got home, I knew I just had to sit down and hammer it out until I couldn’t hammer any more.

+2000 words today. *GROAN* That brings my total for “Sidrie” to 4.3k. There is no earthly way I can pull off the conclusion in 700 words or less. Impossible. But I do like what I’ve got currently, and I don’t think (at this point) I could necessarily have written it any shorter. I am going to try to restrict the finale to 2k, however… Oh, good heavens. 2k. Yeah, I’m going to “try” to restrict it to that, but expect it to go over at least a little bit. I want this story under 7k. If it’s under 7k, I should be able to trim it back significantly, and maybe even hit my 5k marker… Maybe…

UGGGGHHHHH. Why am I so wordy? And why do I enjoy it so much?

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