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No comment at this time…

So it’s been another busy week, though I’ve been doing all right keeping up with my responsibilities while still making time for myself. I don’t do this nearly enough, I’ve realized. With so many hobbies, and so many hobbies I could START, it’s easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of time-management which ultimately makes me feel crappy.

I am not–as much as I like to pretend sometimes–a Type-A person. I am what a good friend of mine once defined herself as: A type-H person. H, for horizontal. When I ignore this fact, I end up very disagreeable. I do best when I take things at a semi-leisurely pace, making sure to appreciate down-time and “unproductive” activities (like watching movies and playing video games ^_^). In fact, when I embrace this attribute of my personality, I seem to be happier, healthier, and actually MORE productive. That productivity probably comes more in bursts (i.e. the Chekhov year slogan “OH CRAP, is it FRIDAY already?!”), but I get a lot more done than if I try to micro-manage myself as I have been.

Haven’t quite figured out how to better manage writing time, keep the house semi-tolerably clean, spend time with Andy, (play video games), read, edit, talk to my mother on the phone, exercise (wait, what’s this word?), paint, learn Mandarin (again), balance the budget, run household errands, learn Russian (because one language is never enough), cook/eat, work (oh, yeah, money is good…), de-stress, hang out with friends, etc., etc. And I’m certainly not doing half as much as other people, but as a Type-H person, it feels like a ton to me.

That said, I at least got +800 words done on “Sidrie’s Last Battle” today. Not bad, considering I’ve been fighting with this scene for the last week, and the 31st is fast approaching. O_O EEK!

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