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Cat + Ice Cream Bowl = Obsession

Oddly enough, Me + Ice Cream Bowl ALSO = Obsession. I wonder if evolution has something to do with that… Hmm… Will ponder in greater depth later.

Mei is normally a skittish cat, but if ice cream is involved (which we do not voluntarily give her), she will become the most ravenous, courageous, sneaky cat alive. She gets crazier than she does on catnip, which is pretty crazy. I guess it’s good though: it means we put our ice cream bowls in the sink immediately after using them so she can’t get at them. That seems to dissuade her.

Week (haha, “week”–it’s Monday, for goodness sake.) has been fine so far–back to the usual routine of work, Apex, dinner, and writing–but it’s only Day One. The weekend was pretty swamped with lots of things to do. Did get to go rock climbing again on Sunday morning, though I underestimated how hard I’d pushed myself Friday, which made even simple climbs downright impossible! But it was good fun all the same! (We did get our own gear on Friday, though, so now we don’t have to rent harnesses and shoes! ^_^)

Still trying to figure out a better day to post “SLUSH LESSONS” since Sundays are turning out to be much busier than I anticipated… Will ponder in greater depth later.

Writing Stuff:

Making slow but steady progress on the novel. Jonesing for some short fiction writing, but I’m sticking to it for now. I’m much too easily distracted once I start straying from any set path. The writing itself still feels a little like I’m trying to force a car to shift from first to forth gear going thirty mph, but at least the car’s still moving and I can still see through the smoke!

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