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So it’s been a little while since my last post! There’s just so much work to get done. O.O Tons of writing projects on the slate at the moment, which has been domineering most of my “off work” hours, and then there’s a bunch of stuff to get done before Orycon.

Also, I’ve been in the process of setting up my writing space in the apartment. Since we’re not exactly sure when we’re moving again, depending on how the dice fall this spring, it seemed silly to keep postponing something that means a lot to me. So I went for it, and it looks *awesome*! ^_^ I’m so happy with the space. It’s just what I wanted.

Now I’ve got a place to spread out and settle into, rather than just taking over the kitchen table or the sofas. >.O

Writing Stuff:

Lots of writing projects in the works. Besides the YA/SF novel, I’ve also been working on Thief Dilemma a lot this last week. After three failed starts (which is pretty usual), I think I may have struck on the right path for chapter 18, as yet untitled. Thinking I might keep a running count over on the side of the blog somewhere, rather than reposting it every time… Not sure yet, though.

I’ve also got a couple new short projects I’ve been eyeing for the past week. Still needs a little plot work (but so does Chapter 8 of “the novel”). I’m also setting aside a day to go over all the stuff I should have submitted at the moment. Right now, I’ve got one story out looking for a home, but I’ve got a couple that should be out of my hands. Need to get those on their way again.


22226 / 100000


88192 / 100000

So I’m thinking Thief Dilemma is really going to be more in the 120k-150k, if I’m being realistic. There is no way this is going to be done in two more chapters, and there’s still a bit to cover. Maybe–if it moves fast enough–I might be able to get it done in ten chapters. With each chapter being at least 6k, that would end up around 150k. That feels about right. And I’m going to see about revising my schedule to make TD updates closer to bimonthly, rather than “whenever the heck I get a chance to do it”. I really love this story, and I’m looking forward to getting it to completion. Only 60k more to go! XD

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