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DARK FUTURES anthology TOC and More News From the Invisible Maggie!

Since Jason just posted the full TOC for the upcoming (early 2010) DARK FUTURES anthology coming out from Dark Quest Books, I figured I can finally–officially!–declare that I sold another story! My dystopic sci-fi story “Memories of Hope City” will be appearing in the anthology, along with stories from Aliette de Bodard, Gene O’Neill, Paul Jessup, Robby Sparks, Alethea Kontis, Kelli Dunlap, Sara M. Harvey, Geoffrey Girard, and a ton of other awesome folks!

*I’m so excited.*

So there! The four-year dry-spell has been broken. Granted, I’ve been submitting a lot more recently, so I’m hoping that’s the case! Plus, I’ve been learning a ton about writing in the last two years which I think has really helped me be much tougher on my work.

But enough of that! *SQUEEE!* Okay, now I’m done.

Moving on. It’s been a while since I updated this blog–too long! I’m going to try to update a little more often in the upcoming weeks. Now that Orycon is done (and was awesome!), I’ve got a little more time to myself. A little. Not much. Every waking moment still seems completely swamped with things to do, or if not, seem to magically become filled with world-shatteringly important things (like playing Grand Theft Auto ^_-). Hey, even I need a little down time, now and then!

Don’t remember where I left off, so I’ll just push forward. Reading Jennifer Brozek’s GRANTS PASS anthology which I picked up at Orycon, and I’ll be putting up a review hopefully soon. (Sneak peak: get it!)

And that’s about all I have time for in this update. I’ll try to post again soon! ^_^

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