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Like a Hoard of Swarming Zombies

That’s how much I have to do, and it’s my own darn fault, too! This last week was great, what with cooking special meals every night, but it took a toll on the writing. I got one edited story out to my cold readers, and I added about 800 words to the novel, but that’s it. :-(

Not so good.

But on positive news! I’ve been picking up my APEX slush pile, and things seem to be going pretty well. I’m going to do a ton tomorrow to make up for the fact that I think ALL of my lunch-breaks for this upcoming week will be cannibalized by other work-related tasks. And in other news–because I’m f#*king insane–I also signed on as one of Tangent Online’s new reviewers. I’m working my way through PANVERSE ONE, a collection of five sci-fi/fantasy novellas, and should have a review ready for it for TO by next Sunday. (Look for the Grants Pass review New Years weekend. ^_^)

And! Oo! Oo! Check it out! I’m being interviewed by Andrew Porter on his blog The Science of Fiction tomorrow! Here’s the link, though it’s not up yet: Take a gander at what I have to say about brain slugs, slushing, rejections, and world-building.

For the time being, I’m taking a break and playing some hardcore Left 4 Dead, because zombie hoards and slime-vomiting monster men are a lovely way to spend an evening with the hubby. ^_^

In the meantime: Robots are starting to learn instruments! This one may not quite have all the finesse of a human violinist yet, but he plays a heck of a lot better than I ever did!

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