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The Seven-Day Rut

So it appears that I only get a chance to post a blog once every seven days or so, unless anything really unusual happens. This last week was a wild one, with review deadlines, lost lunch-breaks, critique group, and a dinner in with friends. It was all good, don’t get me wrong-!, but through Wednesday, I didn’t have an evening to my own. I didn’t even get to play Dead Space until Friday! O.O

And you all should know, I only have the guts to play it for about ten-to-twenty minute segments before it starts tweaking me out with its blood-smeared walls, mussed hospital rooms, eerie music, and screaming monster beasts.

But I did get another story out today, so yay for me! That’s three circulating now, and my year’s goal was to always have two out and about at any given time. Since last weekend, I haven’t touched this month’s short story, but I’ve done a little thinking in terms of what needs to be fixed with it. Could definitely use some tweaking.

I’m hoping this next week is a little quieter, if only to get back into the swing of 500 words/day on the novel. Using the flash cards has worked out really well so far in terms of blocking out the plot, so I’m hoping it can give the story the momentum it needs. Hmm… I should probably work on that a little more today.

Anyway! Andy’s taking his practice MCAT, and I’m drinking hot chocolate. It’s been a lazy weekend for me, which I needed, though I’m starting to think I’m actually *less* stressed when I’ve got a ton on my plate. At least then I don’t feel like I’m wasting my time. Also: I need to start listening to audio books during my commute again. Found this weekend. :-P***** <–that’s drool.

For now, I’ll just watch an MIT physics lecture and burn Pimsleur Spanish 1 onto disposable CDs for the car… the CD changer scratches everything.

Oh, did I mention we paid off one of my student loans this last week? Yay for paying down debt! ^_^

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