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TWO DAYS AHEAD! 4 teh W1n!

That’s right, folks, you saw it here first: I’m putting up a post TWO WHOLE DAYS before my 7-day tee-time for the blog. Astonishing? Yes. Interesting? Well…er… maybe not to you. But it is to me!

Lining up a busy weekend, I hope, of being productive. Last weekend, as you may or may not have seen, I was insanely UNproductive, and I learned a strange thing about myself: Despite being a self-proclaimed Type-H person (“H” = horizontal, as in, antithesis of Type-A), I actually enjoy my weekends more, feel more relaxed, and more ready to start the work week when I’ve been relatively productive. Weird. I blame sunspots. And radiation. Possibly possession by a Type-A ghost.

So, this weekend-! I’ve got a good chunk of stuff to take care of. For one thing, I need to do a bunch of reading (aww, poor me!)–probably with a cup of tea, cuddled under a blanket. It’s going to be a bit rough. THEN, I need to read and critique a work of fiction for Monday(it’s short, and from the few sentences I’ve read already, I really like it!).

I am also hoping to get some work done on TD-18, which has been sitting, partially written, on my laptop since August. You heard me. I’ve got some tweaking to do on it, but I think I know the direction I’m going, and I’m hoping I can get that cranked out, because TD-19 is going to really get the ball rolling again!  (*breathes a roaring cheer for myself*)

I’d also like to make the baklava recipe I’ve been putting off since mid-December, because I’ve got all the ingredients, and I LOVE baklava! So I should make it. Oh, and we need the breaks on the Jeep looked at. AND the house could be tidied up. AND we need to go grocery shopping.

And I want to clear out the rest of my slush–only ten left!

And I want to paint the third face on “Dorian”.

And I need to write X-mas thank-you notes.

And I gotta write my upcoming SLUSH LESSON for the Apex Blog (first Monday of every month-what?!)

And I need to catch up the budget.

And I want to post up some Apex reviews to Amazon (something that has been on my perpetual to-do list for too long).

And I want to make sure one of my home-seeking stories has another few places to go on its itinerary before I shelve it.

And I’ve been jonesing for an Angela Carter fairy tale. And more O. Henry stories.

And I want to play Dead Space.

See where time becomes a bit of an issue? ^_^ At any rate, some of this stuff will probably be pushed off to next weekend. Some of it will–amazingly–get itself done. Somehow. And maybe by the end of the weekend, I’ll feel refreshed and accomplished, which would be lovely.

Also, I totally want a two-lens toy camera, like this.

4 thoughts on “TWO DAYS AHEAD! 4 teh W1n!”

  1. Maggie! I loved reading your weeked to-do list. I find myself contemplating staying in town to finish a couple of projects and do all those things I didn’t get done during the week. :)

    I have no doubt you’ll accomplish most of this but I particularly loved your ending about the Blackbird. A sweet find and fun too!

    Have fun! Oh! And don’t forget to take a little r and r too!

      1. I’ve done just that! Super productive weekend… three stories done and researching writing my book proposal is in the can! Ready for Tuesday night write night! Still game? Hope you’re weekend was just as productive as you wanted it to be! :)

      2. You bet I’m game! I need to get more writing done! Did start February’s story, though, which was unexpected! ^_^

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